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You can have a more joyous and comfortable birthing experience, no matter what type of birth you plan, whether it be at a hospital or a home birth setting.  At Free Yourself Hypnosis Center, I believe that any birth plan is the right one, and hypnosis facilitates the whole process.

Why Hypnosis for Birthing?

Because many women in our culture view  childbirth with apprehension, and unless otherwise prepared this can produce stress hormones which tightens up the body, making the birthing process more stressful and less joyful.  Hypnosis can offer you a peaceful, relaxed experience where you are in harmony with your body’s process.   You will find yourself calmer and enjoying more sense of peace and control.  And should you choose analgesia during childbirth, or for a planned, or unplanned C section, the requirements for analgesia are reduced, (as found by the British Journal of Anesthesia, July 2007)

The Optimal amount of sessions is 5 or more, scheduled a week apart.  This gives you and your Birthing Partner plenty of time to learn the techniques helpful in offering you a more joyful birthing experience, which will require some guidance and practice.  

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