Meditation Coaching  (in-person or over the phone)

Benefits of Meditation: the benefits of regular meditation are astounding. With regular meditation . . . we develop a strong relationship with life force energy, source energy, Spirit, God or whatever you feel comfortable calling our higher power. With this close connection to Spirit we enter more into the flow of life which makes cocreating our desires of life more effective. Health changes to help heal emotional and physical problems. Stress can be eliminated from your way of being which also has a myriad of health benefits such as lowering hypertension, and, for those who suffer depression, aligning with a more joyful state of being.

Listen to my True Healing Meditation audio clip.

Meditation methods: as your meditation coach, I will guide you into meditations that will include visualizations to help you achieve your life goals. You will feel a difference from the first time you meditate, as you tap into your body/mind’s powerful abilities. Each meditation that we do together will be tailor made for you.

As your coach, I will work with you to develop your own meditation practice. You may wish to work with me once a week for awhile, then gradually space out the times that we meditate together until you feel more independent. Then you may only want to use my services for special or more challenging times in your life.

Group meditation: you may have a group of people or at least one other person who you would like to be included in the meditation. We can either do this in person or by phone. You may have them meet you at your home and use a speaker phone, or if the person/persons you want included live in different areas, I can include them in a conference call. Often group meditations are very powerful because of the amount of energy focused at the same time. Group meditations are an excellent way to send healing energy to some one in your life who needs healing.

Setting up appointments: whether you wish to do these meditations in person or over the phone, I will create a sacred space for the work we will be doing together. The fee is the same whether in person or not. Just call (808) 283-1003 to set up your appointment.

Fee: each time slot will be about 30 minutes and the fee is $45.00. If we are adding people to the conference call, then we add $10 per person.

Whatever you wish to bring about in your life, visualization and meditation are key components of tapping into your power, but mostly, meditation offers us a direct link to unconditional love which we experience as a joyful, centered state of existence.

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