Peak Performance


Is Peak Performance only for Athletes?  Read on. For many years now, people have used hypnosis in sports to get the edge over their competition.  Many athletes know that sports are not entirely a physical endeavor, and that the mental state is just as important.  Athletes with the advantage not only strengthen their bodies to perform better, but the ones who really have the edge for peak performance are those that employ “mental fitness” using hypnosis as well.  Hypnotists help the athlete gain the winning edge of focus and concentration skills to stay calm and strong throughout the event.  We tend to react better when we are in a calm focused state of mind.  Hypnotists enable people to cultivate the “right” thinking including imagination/visualization routines for “mental fitness” which gives the athlete a tremendous advantage over their competition, and it shows.  Some famous athletes who used hypnosis for peak performance include Tiger Woods, Boxer Kevin McBride (defeated Mike Tyson in a championship fight, 2005), and Olympic athlete Mary Lou Retton won the Gold for gymnastics (1984 ).  


But guess what?  Not only do athletes want to enhance their peak performance, so do many other people in activities not related to athletic performance. Here are some examples of careers where people have used hypnosis to boost peak performance:

Musicians, Real Estate Agents, (or any field in sales), Financial Consultants, Writers, Artists, high school and college students to increase their study and memory skills.  So, even if you are not competing against others, you may still want to “up your game” and achieve goals you hadn’t before.  Just for a moment, close your eyes and imagine in what activity would you like to achieve peak performance?  What difference would that make for you in your life? Excellent. Now, Go for it!

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