Free Wellness Coaching ends April 4th

Lets face it, these are challenging times and it is normal to feel stressed. As a public service I am offering free wellness coaching to help you navigate these difficult times.  Sessions will be remotely conducted via Skype Zoom or Face Time.  Call to arrange your sessions at (301)744-0200

QiGong Class Jan 12 - March 25, 2020 Call to learn more about private or group Qigong Classes and remote classes



Call (301) 744-0200 for more information, or visit www.freeyourselfhypnosis.com

50% Special for the Holiday Blues 2

Holidays got you down?

Let’s get you feeling better with a 50% discount on treating the holiday blues with Michelle DeStefano’s Free Yourself Hypnosis.

Call (808)283-1003 for more information, or visit www.freeyourselfhypnosis.com

Treat Cancer Experiment 11/17


The ability to heal our bodies with our minds is being written about now more than ever.  Louise Hay started writing about this in the 1980’s.  Dr. Bruce Lipton, an epigeneticist has been writing about this since the 1990s.  In fact, he endorses a form of hypnosis called Psych-K in his latest book “The Honeymoon Effect” for helping to cure disease.  Hypnotherapists are writing case studies about the phenomenon of spontaneous remissions using hypnosis, including Stephen Parkhill who wrote “Answer Cancer” where he explains how “the subconscious is the most powerful agency known to man and how it can be used to truly heal individuals…”

So why not do our own treating cancer with hypnosis experiment?  I don’t want this idea to just be floating around in books, lectures and papers.  In my 20 years of experience with helping people heal, I have seen the mind body healing connection myself. I believe in this possibility and I want to provide an opportunity for this to happen and for us to find out for ourselves.

Here is how it will work:

We meet once a week for 4 weeks.  The first 3 weeks will be a group hypnosis session.  The last week will be for debriefing and finding out how the experiment worked.  

Once we gather a group, only those members of that group can come.  I ask that the group members commit to coming each week for consistency.  

There won’t be much talking except for the hypnosis, but what ever is shared stays confidential.

Each gathering will be 45 minutes except for the first session which will be an hour and a half to give time for demystifying hypnosis, explaining the “house keeping” of this experiment and to give time for questions.

Suggested donation of $60 for the package ($15/session) will be towards the cost of running the Wailea Healing Center.  

Where: The Wailea Healing Center: 120 Kaukahi St., Kihei (just above Mulligans on the Blue)

When: Sunday November 19, 26, December 3 and 10th at 5:00 p.m.Call Michelle DeStefano’s Free Yourself Hypnosis to register at (808) 283-1003 www.freeyourselfhypnosis.com

Free Group Hypnosis For Stress Management


Where:  Wailea Health and Wellness Center, 161 Wailea Ike Place Suite A104

When:   The first Thursday of every month beginning Aug 4th from 6:30-7:15.  

Arrive at 6:20 to begin promptly at 6:30.  Doors will be closed at 6:30.

Please register by calling the Free Hypnosis Center at 

(808)283-1003. Space is limited.


Holiday Serenity

Monthly Special: December

“Holiday Serenity”

50% off on all phone sessions to help navigate the holiday season.

Sometimes the holidays can be a challenging time for us.  Some people are in grief over the death of a person they used to share this special time with.  


Others may be sad because they are not able to travel to be with their loved ones.  For others, the holidays trigger other sad or depressing feelings where they just can not tap into any joy.

If this sounds close to you, you are just a phone call away for a hypnosis session that will help you reframe the holidays into something that you create to have meaning for you.  You will never experience the holidays the same after this because you will have redefined the meaning in a special way that you will treasure for ever.

This offer also includes a complimentary digital recording made only for you as long as your appointment is held before December 21st.  But the 50% special lasts until December 31.

Call me (808)283-1003 to schedule your appointment.

Wishing you a serene season,


Free Hypnosis For Cancer Related Issues


At the Wailea Health and Wellness Center, 161 Wailea Ike Place, Suite A-104, Kihei Hawaii 96753

This group session will be held every 2nd Thursday of the month. Participants will tell me what cancer related issues they would like addressed in this group session. Doors will open at 6:20 to start promptly at 6:30 and the session ends at 7:15. Please call Free Yourself Hypnosis (808)283-1003 to register. 

Demystify Hypnosis 2

Understanding Hypnosis with Michelle DeStefano, C.Ht.Friday, Aug. 19, 2016 at 6:45 p.m. ($20.00). 

6:45 gather to start promptly at 7:00pm. Event ends at 8:30 pm.  Space is limited.  

demystifying Hypnosispdfjpeg

Call (808)283-1003 to register. 

The location is at the office of Patricia Medina, LMT www.patriciamedina.massagetherapy.com) (at the Wailea Suites: 161 Wailea Ike Pl. Ste. A-105, Wailea, HI 96753 (near Mateo's Restaurant)

What to expect: due to common misconceptions about hypnosis, many people are uncomfortable considering the use of hypnosis to enhance their life.  The purpose of this program is to educate the public about the healing and life enhancing benefits of hypnosis so that you can take advantage of this non-invasive modality to enhance your life.  The first half of this gathering is educational and the second part of this gathering is demonstrations so you can experience hypnosis in a safe place having a better understanding for yourself of what hypnosis really is.

Michelle is a professional Hypnotherapist, double certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Hypnosis Motivation Institute.  She has been in the healing field since 1999 specializing in stress management.

Psych-K Saturdays (ended July 2016)


Aloha! Announcing Psych-K Saturdays at Wailea Health and Wellness from 10-12. You can afford this at $35.00 or bring a friend for $25.00 each. Psych-K is a simple process that helps you communicate with your subconscious mind so you can change beliefs that limit your self-esteem, relationships, job performance, and even your physical health, and much more. Click 
 for more information or call for your appointment (808)283-1003. Note: this event has been discontinued until further notice.

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