Holiday Serenity

Monthly Special: December

“Holiday Serenity”

50% off on all phone sessions to help navigate the holiday season.

Sometimes the holidays can be a challenging time for us.  Some people are in grief over the death of a person they used to share this special time with.  


Others may be sad because they are not able to travel to be with their loved ones.  For others, the holidays trigger other sad or depressing feelings where they just can not tap into any joy.

If this sounds close to you, you are just a phone call away for a hypnosis session that will help you reframe the holidays into something that you create to have meaning for you.  You will never experience the holidays the same after this because you will have redefined the meaning in a special way that you will treasure for ever.

This offer also includes a complimentary digital recording made only for you as long as your appointment is held before December 21st.  But the 50% special lasts until December 31.

Call me (808)283-1003 to schedule your appointment.

Wishing you a serene season,


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