Anita Moorjani’s Message re: Staying Healthy

Anita Moorjani was riddled with cancer tumors the size of lemons all over her body.  Clumps of hair were absent from her scalp.  Her body was in the process of shutting down when she fell info a coma and had a near death experience.  She returned to life and from a death sentence.  Her doctors deemed her “cancer free” 5 weeks from waking up from that coma.  

Her message is yet another example of how the vibratory field of love and compassion is the highest healing frequency there is.  Below is a recording from her book “Dying to Be Me” which is about 21 minutes long.  I invite you to listen to it with an open mind, take in what is useful to you and share this recording with any one you wish.  Buy her book either on or in print.  There is so much more in her book than this audio clip. It is a read that will make a difference to you whether you have an illness or not.  I hope you enjoy!

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