Weight Loss

I came to Michelle wnating a weight loss hypnosis.  Michelle is a fantastic facilitator and first, helped me to identify my limiting beliefs and then address them through hypnosis.  I have not only dropped 12 obs since we first started, but I am beyond grateful to Michelle for giving me the powerful woman of my youth back!  Thanks forever Michelle.

-Mary C.  March 16, 2020


I came because I was dealing with a phobia that had taken over my life.  I met Michelle which helped me tremendously.  She is excellent in what she does and truly loves her field of work.  I highly recommend her for whatever it is you may be going thru.  She will absolutely find a way to help!

-Michelle A, 


I was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. Having never been sick a day in my life I didn't take the news well.  It was not known if the cancer had metastasized and testing had to be done to make the determination.  The testing takes time and I found myself in a state of unrelenting terror, not knowing if my little vacation from eternity was coming to a close.  Via a Google search I found Michelle.  One phone call followed by our first session gave me the tools to face the tests and doctors.  Two more sessions and I was able to go through 5 weeks of radiation and chemo with a hopeful heart.  Laying on the table 5 days per week I used the techniques Michelle gave me as I was "microwaved" and I found I was at peace with the process. Without those tools it would have been torment.  Post treatment I use what I learned from Michelle every day.  I am the type to go from zero to furious in under a minute (an example of neurosis passed down for generations in my family) under any situation not to my liking.  Now, I use self hypnosis to calm myself and you would swear my greatest concerns in life have been which Enya CD to listen to on the way to the Renaissance Fair.  I am grateful to Michelle beyond words and have gone from skeptic to true believer in self hypnosis.  As for Michelle, she is passionate about her calling, of generous heart and an expert at her craft.  She ought to charge more. - Ron.S. Nevada 7/27/17

OMG she was amazing. She was so sweet, have an amazing personality. The hypnosis was awesome I felt a great sensation. I feel as if my body was floating on a wave.  Michelle you are the real deal. Thank you so much I will be working with you from now on. - Deandre A. 6/917


I am awestruck. Michelle is the real deal.

I came to Michelle with some major food/stress/anxiety/more food issues (also I just wanted to lose weight) and she has helped me clear all of those blocks so that I can enjoy eating without freaking out about it. She was able to get to the root cause of my behavior and identify how to address it in just three sessions. If that's not magic I don't know what is. I thought I was going to be a slave to ice cream and wine and midnight snacking for the rest of my life and now I'm living a life completely free of that. And what's even more amazing is that I actually enjoy life without the excess food. In fact I'm more satisfied without it, and Michelle taught me how to access that feeling whenever I need it. Side note, I'm also losing weight really easily. If you're thinking about talking to Michelle, do it. This is worth every penny. It's relaxing and it works. - Evangeline C. 328/17

Healer & Teacher

Michelle is am excellent teacher and healer. I met her several years ago at a QiGong class she taught and have since taken several others, including one on dealing with chronic pain. She is devoted to learning and helping others. When my mom visited and developed neck and shoulder pain, Michelle got her in right away for treatment and mom left feeling much better. Vacation saved. - April B. 213/17

I am Smoke Free!
I am an ex smoker. I had smoked cigarettes for almost 40 years. I had tried to quit many times and tried will power, only to go back after a few days or weeks. I thought I could never be free from smoking. I became a great grandmother and was determined to try again, only this time I thought I would try something I had heard about before. Hypnosis has helped some people be successful at quitting the habit. I was not sure if it would work for me because I am a very strong willed person who I felt was not open to being "under hypnosis" I decided to look for someone in my community to give it a try anyway, because I was so wanting to be free of the nasty habit and become healthy and happy. I called and made an appointment with Michelle DeStefano C.H. in Wailea, Maui. I found her by doing a web search for someone close to me. I had never heard of her before. Going in, I was nervous, the only time I had ever seen hypnosis was in a show where they made volunteers from the audience do strange behaviors. I was afraid of being hypnotized and sure it wasn't going to work on me. Michelle greeted me and I found a very soft spoken and professional therapist. She asked me questions and had me relax in a very comfortable chair. As she talked I became very relaxed and had some visualizations of myself being healthy and loving life not being a smoker. Her methods were amazing. I was able to breathe and go deeper into a relaxed state. It was very much like a guided meditation.I did not smoke that day. Leaving there I was relaxed energized, and felt really good about the experience. I felt empowered and that I was doing something positive and healthy for myself and the planet.I was given a recording of Michele's soft voice reaffirming the visuals I had seen and helped me get into that deep relaxation state again. As the days went on I felt less and less urges to smoke. I listened to my recording a few times. I was amazed that I could be successful after so many years of trying. It has been one year this month since I quit that nasty disgusting habit. I am so grateful for Michelle's help and that I stood up for myself! I showed up for myself! I am smoke free!!! - Julie Anne L. 212/17

Peak Performance

Michelle Is An Excellent Hypnotherapist
“Michelle suggested we do some Psych-K to help me with some issues that were hindering my growth along personal and professional lines. In the three sessions that followed Michelle successfully facilitated a reprogramming of the beliefs that were holding me back. During those sessions I observed the great degree to which Michelle is knowledgeable, informative and resourceful. And her empathic nature really comes through. That’s such an important quality in a healer. In the weeks and months that have followed I’ve experienced concrete manifestations that the therapy was successful and permanent. I highly recommend Michelle. Thank you, Michelle!” —Alex H. 9/17/16,


A Fabulous hypnotherapy session! Michelle made me a recording which was just what I needed re: An upcoming medical procedure! It was perfect and included all the issues we had discussed! Her voice is very soothing and Relaxing. She is a gifted hypnotherapist. So grateful I found her! - Melinda M. 91/16


Okay, first of all there is something you need to know about Michele. Aside from her level of education she possesses a deeply innate ability to understand and empathize with one's need. My hypnosis experiences with Michele have always been validating and calming. My most recent appointment with Michele was nothing less than magical! I asked her if she could, in some way incorporate the angelic realm into my session. She accomplished it without batting an eye! The visions I had during the session were verbally validated by Michele at the end of the session, verbatim. Michele channeled my visions and incorporated my angelic experiences into the hypnosis. It was so amazing. I went away from that particular experience with a renewed sense of spiritual excitement and a calming within my mind, body, and spirit. If you are willing to be completely open to whatever your hypnosis experience brings you and accept that experience as a life altering instrument of self empowerment, then you can expect to be healed. It may happen immediately or gradually. Either way, know that with Michele you are being treated with honor, respect, and love. Be patient with yourself. I was, and my experience with Michele was positively beautiful! - Woneeya T. 8/10/16

I have had more than one session with Michelle who helped me overcome limitations to solving personal and creative problems. - Carol Lynn J.  W.V. 1/8/16


Michelle is a knowledgeable, caring and very intuitive healer. I have known her for many years. I did individual hypnosis work with her, and also had her do some group work at my home with friends, which everyone enjoyed very much. She also has acupuncture training in her background and understands how the mind and body work together to create wholeness, health and positive growth. As a nurse I worked with her to present a 9 week De-Stress Clinic also. I can't say enough good about her as a human being who is present to others in a healing and positive way! - Ardyth G. 17/16

Mental blocks

I would like to share my deep appreciation and recommendation for Michelle DeStefano and her hypnotherapy services. I have experienced almost immediate relief from decades old issues that I am very grateful to be free of. Michelle is very grounded in her practice of hypnotherapy, encompassing a wide experience in practical healing modalities. I have been working with alternative healing practices for over 50 years and Michelle is one of the best practitioners I have had the pleasure to work with. If you have been considering addressing any stress or chronic issues, attachments, habits, etc., you will be in very competent and compassionate hands with Michelle. --Michael C. 1/6/16

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